Our Company

RWS Resources started out as the full-service contractor of underground mining services. We work closely with a firm’s management team to ensure that our operations and construction teams adhere to the same high standards of conduct that a firm would require of their own staff.

Very often, mining companies require additional labor for short-term projects, such as assistance with concrete work, maintenance and fabrication, mining services, equipment installations, mine door installations and the installation or maintenance of conveyor belt systems. They may also seek help with meeting compliance requirements and fulfilling overall manpower needs. No matter what challenge a company faces, the team at RWS Resources is able to meet those needs with cost-effective solutions that allow our clients to stay focused on their daily operations.

No matter what the size of the project, our team handles it with precision. We place a strong emphasis on the accuracy, quality and efficiency of the project at hand. From concept to completion, we employ technical expertise that is unmatched by our competitors. Our employees are team oriented and able to adapt to a variety of environments and challenges.

Our well-trained staff is backed by a management team who truly understands the unique pressures that mining companies face. We work within a company’s budget constraints in order to help the firm combat the ever-rising cost of labor, operations and maintenance. RWS Resources is experienced in developing affordable solutions that allow a company to continue to produce a high level of work without making compromises to quality and labor relations.

As contractors, we are an extension of our clients’ workforce and daily operations. Our reputation depends on the quality of the work that we produce for those clients, and we take our role in this industry very seriously. We pride ourselves on the application of cutting-edge innovations to safety and mining practices and work to maintain the trust that our clients have placed in us. We are driven by the philosophy that the expert work we do today lays the groundwork for the future of the companies we serve.


Robert W. Sandidge, Owner/CEO

Robert W. Sandidge, Owner/CEO