Improve Ventilation Control in Your Mines

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Are you in need of a mine door? RWS Resources provides AMD mine door installation services to meet your mining needs.

A mine door will provide the necessary ventilation control you need for any type of track or trackless mine, including coal, uranium, salt, gypsum, gold and many others.

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Trust us to install safe and efficient mine doors

When you hire RWS Resources for your mine door installation, we'll consult with you about mine door options. We'll determine if you would benefit from a low- or high-pressure door. A low-pressure door:

  • Weighs lighter than high pressure doors
  • Acts quickly and decreases delays at the door
  • Can come with additional control options to make it automatic
  • Requires little maintenance over many years

A high-pressure mine door, on the other hand, is ideal for high-water gauge scenarios with high traffic requirements. High pressures doors also have a quicker cycle time and are available with automated control packages, as well.
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