Robert W. Sandidge Jr., President Madisonville Mining LLC

For 15 years, Bobby Sandidge has worked in a variety of leadership positions. He has been head coach of high school and collegiate travel baseball teams, worked in the education field for multiple years and owned multiple businesses.

Bobby now serves as owner of Madisonville Mining and Vice President of Administration for RWS Resources, but his road has been paved with hard work from the start. Bobby spent his time in college working in the mining industry for his Dad.

In 2008, Bobby earned a Bachelor of Science in Education. During this time he accepted the head baseball coaching position for his local city, while teaching history for the next two years.

Bobby took an opportunity in 2011 working underground for his Dad. He worked the next three years leading crews underground, completing special projects and continued helping build his Dad's company.

In 2014, Bobby opened a Speed, Strength and Agility training facility for young athletes. His goal was to better prepare them for playing sports at a higher level. During this time Bobby attended leadership programs all over the country personal developing himself into a more effective leader.

In 2017, Bobby opened Madisonville Mining, LLC. He focused this business in managing underground workers and providing an emphasis on safety. During this time, he was mentored in the Safety and Risk Management area by Mike Riley CSP, Director of Health, Safety, Training and Risk Management, which led to Bobby leading Madisonville Mining, LLC, to over 850 days without a lost time injury to the employees. Bobby's history in sports and education pushed him to create a team mentality approach for all his employees. In the process of building a work force and utilizing RWS Resources as his consultants, Bobby accepted a position in 2019 as Vice President of Administration for RWS Resources.

Bobby prides himself in leadership, organization, a will to never stop learning and an emphasis to all his employees on what it takes to be a safe and productive team.