Searching for Underground Mine Workers in KY, WV, IN, IL,VA, KS,AL, MO, LA, NV and UT?

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When you are in need of underground mining workers for your excavation operation, look no further than RWS Resources. Often times, mining companies need extra specialty skilled laborers for short projects that involve equipment installation, maintenance and fabrication and other concrete work.

Whether you need underground mining manpower for a short-term project or for a lengthier project, RWS Resources can provide the specialized operations labor help you need.

Contact us today to discuss your underground mining needs with a team member in Clay, KY.

How can we help?

When you choose RWS Resources as a specialized labor resource for your mining project in Clay, KY, you'll be met with a team of skilled workers who can:

  • Assist you on brattice construction projects
  • Provide air ventilation control services
  • Operate equipment
  • Work to ensure compliance requirements

When you need high-quality underground mining solutions at competitive rates, you can count on RWS Resources to provide you with the solution. We provide specialty skilled labor services in Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Virginia, Alabama, Montana and Utah. Contact us today to utilize a team of skilled underground mining contractors in Clay, KY.